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Physical Therapy








Do I need a physician script or referral to see you?

​Missouri has limited direct access which means that you can be seen for an initial evaluation and would need a referral for ongoing treatment sessions. These can be obtained from primary care physicians, urgent care practitioners, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, chiropractors, or dentists. In order to maximize time during the initial evaluation, please bring PT orders or email them to 

*Starting 8/28/2023, you will not need a physician order for physical therapy with provisions that will be addressed with Ben*

Do you accept insurance?

  1. For your benefit, we are a private-pay practice that does not accept insurance. However, you can submit to your insurance provider to see if they will cover a portion of your services and reimburse you directly, and many often do. Upon request, we can provide invoices and notes for you to submit to your insurance company. 

  2.  For most insurance companies, you can find a claim form on their website. Simply print it out and submit it along with your invoices and treatment codes that we can provide for you. The amount you are reimbursed is dependent on your “out-of-network physical therapy” expense benefits.

Do you accept HSA/FSA?

Yes! Let Ben know that you would like to use your HSA/FSA, and we can help you with this process. 

What if I don’t have a primary care provider?

Let us know and we can set you up with a provider to be able to do either a virtual consultation or in-office visit.


Find Out How Lawing Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Today

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Take Your

Life Back

If you have had an injury or surgery that has put you on the sidelines, this is the program for you. We conduct 1-on-1 sessions with each client throughout their rehab process. We want to dive deeper into your concerns and make sure to learn your goals on day one. Treatments may include manual, hands-on, treatment with appropriate therapeutic exercise to get you back to the sport in a safe and effective manner. We will provide the necessary modifications to keep you moving in the recovery process and will provide the tools and knowledge how to help reduce the chance of returning to the initial injury state.  

Elite Performance Coaching

Get Your

Edge Back

If you enjoy exercising in any form including CrossFit, running, or general weightlifting, and have been dealing with an injury or nagging pain, this is the program for you. We will conduct 1-on-1 evaluations to determine the root cause that is holding you back and provide individualized treatment to keep you active. As an active individual myself, I understand how frustrating it can be to not participate in sports/hobbies due to injury and pain. I will work with you to stay active and provide appropriate modifications to help progress you back to normal activities with no limitations!

Strength & Conditioning | Injury Prevention

Avoid Time Away

From Your Training

This is a great way to transition from PT to ongoing strength work. Clients value working with a clinician who understands their history of injuries and can program them efficiently. If you don’t have any pain/injury, this service can help reduce the likelihood of injury. This program is for you if you are no longer experiencing pain and you’d like to work on general strength and sport-specific injury reduction drills. Physician order not needed!

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